Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting some balance

Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while and I wish I could say it's because I've been busy writing but I can't :-(

I have been busy working and having a life, as far as I can. Today I ventured to the gym where I managed to get onto a cross trainer for twenty five minutes, treadmill for ten and cycle for ten. This is in contrast to last week when I made the mistake of going on a Tuesday and could get onto absolutely nothing except the cycle.

Recent explorations- besides the gym- have been to various pubs for meals. The Keystone Pub in Guildford serves a nice vegetable kebab in pitta if ever you are in the vicinity and Bar Ha Ha there does some quite good food too.

I shall have to see where else I can go this weekend and keep you all updated!

I've also been working on some sample pages for an educational publisher with the view to possibly doing some work for them. I start back at Winchester next week so am enjoying my last few days of freedom before the old slog starts up again. To be honest, I'm actually looking forward to the diversion and the forced opportunity to write fiction again!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Work life balance

This week has been a busy one. There's an awful bug going round at work and we have had to cover several people who have been off. Sadly, today I succumbed to the bug and slept for most of the day. That's after going to bed at 8 o'clock twice in the week. I feel a bit better but I seriously need to get a better work life balance. It doesn't make fighting off bugs any easier!

That's what all of my current training is all about. I hope someday in the near future to be able to enjoy more of a balance.

I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Tomorrow I want to go swimming if I am feeling up to it and then I am enjoying an evening out before my Sunday which looks like it will be meditation and a pub lunch with friends. Hope I feel up to it all.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Index fingers

I am suffering from repetitive strain injury on my two index fingers. Why you may ask?

Well, I am not a touch typist and I have been madly trying to finish my MA assignment. I predominantly use these fingers and the strain is starting to take its toll, so I am now resorting to using my two middle fingers to type. I really need to learn to touch type!

I have been staring at the screen so much that yesterday I felt seriously dizzy. My head feels like soup because I have done so much reading for this task. No one can accuse me of not giving it my all. It is my first module assessment!

But I am a wee bit stressed because of it. I nearly broke the card reader at Tesco when I punched in my pin trying to pay for my shopping...

'There's something wrong with this,' I said as I punched on the number nine key for the third time with no success.
'Press harder,' the cashier said.
So I did, and yes, you guessed it, the key came loose and fell off.
'Oh no I've broken it,' I said. Then laughed slightly madly just because of the day I'd had (how insane must I have looked?) and and yes, there was a queue and yes it was those damn index fingers again.

Stress affects my sanity.

So, I'm calling it a day, now. Still not quite completed the assignment. I have a feeling I may be driving it to Winchester Sunday evening, rather than getting it in the post in time for Monday.