Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catch Up

Let's catch up. Since I last posted I have written the first draft of a picture book as part of my MA. It's called Mervyn the Magic Martian. I've also read Michael Rosen's SAD BOOK, which is a deeply touching book and I have started to do some research into how children read.

Besides that, I have walked round a huge lake on a cold morning, won at bowling and been thrashed at it and seen the film Definitely Maybe . It's a bit of light entertainment which, with a certificate of 12 and because it was only showing at 6 p.m at my local cinema, attracted quite a few youngsters in the audience. As if I don't have enough to contend with in term time!!

In addition to this, I've just spotted that two of my resources are now advertised on Classroom Resources- How to give a Presentation and Maximising Personal Impact.

I'm sure there's more to tell but I am a little tired so I'd best turn in.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Distinctive Writing

Well what can I write in 10 minutes? That's how long I have before I have to go to my MA class. We've started back and today is the day I get the mark for my first module assignment. Gulp. I'm keeping my fingers and every other crossable item crossed that I've got a good mark.

In any case, even if it isn't, I've been assured these things are subjective. Don't you just love friends? I'm very very lucky because I have some fantastically supportive people around me at the moment, but a wise person once said you get back what you put in, and that goes for relationships and friendships too, I guess.

Looks like I'm in a reflective quasi philosophical mood today. Perhaps that' s because I went to see Sweeney Todd at the weekend- the film showing at the cinema, starring the delicious Johnny Depp whom one of my closest uni friends absolutely adores. If you like blood and gore, this film is for you. I felt sympathy for Sweeney Todd at the start of the film because of the terrible things that had happened to him but by the end his actions really distanced me from him and I lost all possible sympathy. The film was well made; it was highly stylised and I could appreciate its artistry but I'm not sure I'd say I enjoyed the film.

I got my first module marks and I am so excited to say I got a distinction!!!

I wonder if I will be able to repeat that in my next module? I worked hard enough on it so I am mightily pleased at the outcome. We are now studying word and image - picture books, and so far things have proved to be as interesting as always.