Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tag and the Odyssey

So I've been tagged which means I have to pick up the nearest book and write lines 6-9 for you all before bothering five unsuspecting people with this task, then post a comment on Candy's blog- she tagged me! So here goes:

I'm at my desk at home, and my rather messy desk (those of you who know me will know how messy my desk can get) has several books on it, but the nearest one is the book I am part way through reading: Simon Armitage's verse adaptation of Homer's Odyssey, which isn't half bad. It's pretty good in fact. Page 123...lines 6-9 read:

...and there on the front of his face was a...
not a nose but a snout and out of his mouth

I'll leave that with you to figure out. Okay so who shall I bother that Candy hasn't already?

Jon, Jez, Nicky who's on honeymoon and will probably not do this, Jason Evans who will probably be way too busy, Anne Frasier who will be equally or more busy and let's try Kaleb! I've tagged six- I know!! I have a feeling very few will do it... but c'est la vie. Okay off to Angela's blog now to comment and to let all those poor souls know that they have been invited to waste fifteen minutes of their lives on this.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Marathon

Well, I have spent an age writing my creative piece and my rationale for my MA, as well as putting all the bits and pieces together and retyping a section that the computer swallowed! It was a bit of a marathon!

Fingers are now firmly crossed that it hits the mark.

It's a beautiful sunny day where I am and I will probably go for a walk to enjoy it. When I woke up it was drizzling and I thought of all these people!

Anyone running or watching it?