Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The GCSE York Notes on Journey's End that I wrote are No 2 best seller in KS4 Education books on Amazon.... Guess that's a good thing. But will it equate to any money? Now that's the question. Judging by my last royalties I don't think I'll buy the house in Monaco just yet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yes... I am one of those women who has succumbed to seeing the new Sex and the City film, out now in the UK. The auditorium was full of females and the odd smattering of males and I went to a cinema that had wonderfully roomy seats and leg space so the experience was a comfortable one. The film was what I expected - and I enjoyed it. Cheesy in places, unrealistic in others and honest just where it needed to be.

It was two hours of escapist fun that was just what I needed. Tomorrow I have some serious writing to get down to as I write the third section for CGP's revision guide.

Summer is here and the weather is gorgeous so this weekend the bike I bought a few weeks ago has been out for a ride. I can't wait for the holidays. Aside from the fact that I fully intend to make the most of my new purchase, I am so wanting to write FICTION. And I will have a whole six weeks to do just that- bliss. And read. I miss reading for pleasure.

I just miss time - time to do things that I want to do so I cannot wait for the summer holidays. Four weeks and counting!