Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latest MA news

Assignment update time - well after much research and consideration I have, I think, decided on my final plot. Without giving too much away let me just say that those of you who are interested in supernatural/ psychological/ crime thrillers might like my latest creative efforts.

Before I go any further can I just recommend some really good books- Radical Children's Literature by Kimberley Reynolds is fantastic. Robert McKee's Story is really useful and so too is How to Make Money ScriptWriting by Julian Friedmann. Mystery in Children's Literature from Rational to the Supernatural was also useful for me. I've also dipped into Syd Field's Screenwriting and read a number of fiction books like Coraline, Dead Gorgeous, Darkhenge and films like The Fog, The Others, The Haunting, The Village, The Sixth Sense and The Skeleton Key. So, yes, I have been busy. I am just writing up the assignment ready to hand in later this week. It's the finishing touches to the overall structure that I'm currently grappling with- if you're interested!

Once this is in I can relax, although I do have some inspection training to attend on Friday and a meeting for National School Partnerships on Monday... mmm... yes, I will relax, eventually.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Writing Progress: at play

My opportunities to post have been minimal because of my awful problems with the internet recently. However I am dropping by to fill you in on my writing progress.

I am presenty sitting in the university library reading for my next assignment. To this end I am reading Andrew Melrose's useful and informative book Write for Children and a whole host of other texts like Signs of Childness in Children's Books. I just wish I had more time to read. It would have been great to have done the course in a year without the constraints of work but needs must.

I've got some fiction books to read also. Amongst them Can you Hear Me? by Penny Kendal and The Leap by Jonathan Stroud. I'm in the middle of Henry Tumour by Anthony McGowan which I really can't recommend enough. It's fab so far and I anticipate a really sad ending.

I'll leave you with a quote from Freud: 'The creative writer does the same as a child at play.'
Well, I knew there was a reason I liked writing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Broadband shmoadband

Last day with the kids today then inset tomorrow and then oh joy of joys- summer time! I am a bit annoyed at the moment as my broadband service has gone kaput at home and my providers are being pretty feeble about sorting it out.

I'm looking at other providers and see that Orange seems to have a pretty good deal going but I may just go for BT as their service is likely to be good and reliable. I also considered Sky but I shall make a decision shortly then hopefully be back on track!

First thing to do with my holiday is sort out my last MA assignment for the year. Then I plan to relax and enjoy what little summer weather we have here. You got any plans?