Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hay ho, no rest for the wicked

This week the Hay's Literature Festival is on and there are a few events that look interesting and I would have loved to attend but I am buried under books and papers as I work on my latest MA assignment.

I ought to fill you in on my recent activities - for those frequenters of my blog...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Anna Perera speak. She is a former student of the MA course in Writing for Children at Winchester and her recent novel Guantanamo Boy deals with a hard issue, and because of this I was particularly keen to hear what she had to say. My works in progress tend to be issue based so I was drawn to her and the book. Incidentally she is speaking at the Hays Festival with Lucy Christopher and Melvin Burgess - discussing raw realism in teen fiction, and had I been going, I would certainly have attended this talk.

Instead I am reading Should we Burn Babar and various other books, whilst I draw together my assignment and prepare myself for what looks set to be a busy weekend.

Having toured Oxford last weekend and experienced an enjoyable first by watching Twenty20 cricket at Lords, I am going to the theatre and into London this coming weekend. I have to say after a week of hard work I am seriously looking forward to the weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Morris Dancers and Reading

On a trip to Winchester yesterday, I saw some rather interesting looking Morris Dancers. Why they were dressed like this I do not know. Anyone who can enlighten me- please do!

I am currently reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness which is an interesting read if ever there was one.... and I am looking forward to half term. One more week to go.

Oh- and I got my author copies of the Aiming for Level 4 Reading book. It's all go in the Ensaff household, you know!