Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holiday hell and blissful awakenings

It has been an absolute age since I last posted and I have only the excuse that I have been writing some educational material, redrafting a fiction book, teaching and trying to escape my abandonment in Malta! Not much of an excuse really.

A week in Malta sounds like bliss doesn't it? But add to this, a volcanic eruption in Iceland and a certain airlines that sounds a bit like a version of BRAIN AIR, that has received some bad press of late- and you may well have second thoughts.

Put into the melting pot a decision to travel to Italy by ferry- based on a complete lack of information from said airlines- and three days spent in a car and hotels and perhaps now you have a clearer picture of what my last week on holiday was like!

Thankfully I made it home alive and well- but somewhat impoverished. However all is not lost!

Two of my books are now advertising on publishers' sites:

This career book is aimed at KS3 students and is published by Evans Books. It's not the most exciting book I have ever written but it does what it says on the tin.

And this literature guide is published by Philip Allan Updates, now part of Hodder:

This guide is absolutely jam packed full of useful information for anyone studying Priestley's play An Inspector Calls at GCSE level. Philip Allan also provides some useful on line material and a teacher resource pack which I also wrote. Highly recommended - even if I say so myself!