Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Months and no Posts!

An entire three months and no posts- I know I have been very remisss.

I am happy to say this is because I have been exceptionally busy. Having given up the day job to pursue work as a freelancer, I have been very busy with inspection work this half term and had redrafts for the Animal Farm guide , pictured above, and on line material to complete. This guide will be published in March as part of Philip Allan Updates literature guide series which is fab!

I have also been busy doing some work for National School Partnerships

Now, I am working on some fiction which I will keep you posted about. As if all of that is not excuse enough, I also spent a week in the US and Canada as part of research for my MA dissertation and for a holiday at the start of September. With the days becoming dark and long I am contemplating another trip abroad soon! I need some sunshine, to the extent that I am beginning to wonder whether I was a plant in a former life.