Sunday, July 01, 2012

Jude's Travels

My last week has been a roller coaster of travel and talk. I was in Liverpool one day, Birmingham the next and finally in Aberystwyth, as part of work for OSIRIS Educational. I visited a few schools in the process, one of which was Penweddig School in Aberystwyth which is a Welsh medium school, where I delivered training on Literacy across the curriculum, particularly in relation to the more able and to boys. With it being a Welsh medium school, the English department and school have their work cut out for them so I hope that my training provided them with at least a few ideas or models of how literacy could be developed further.

I have sampled Holiday Inns in both Liverpool and Birmingham and a rather lovely hotel in Wales which really was beautiful, so beautiful in fact that I am intent on finding a reason to return there!! It's only been recently renovated to its former glory and is currently offering a few good deals. I would highly recommend it for a relaxing break, where you can be assured of excellent service and a good night's rest in beautiful surroundings. I'm not a stranger to Wales but had never been to this part of the country, and unfortunately did not have time to fully explore it. This is reason enough of course to return and stay again at Nanteos.

This week is not quite as hectic with work but I am still travelling - up to Manchester for the Children's Book Festival and then have some more work in London later in the week. I'm looking forward to going up to Manchester and keeping my fingers crossed, but I hope to enjoy myself regardless of the outcome at the Commonword Children's Diversity Writing Prize Award Ceremony.

More on my writing and reading next post, particularly in relation to some work for Hodder. Until then, in  words akin to those of a famous Sci Fi character, this is Jude Ensaff of the Travelling Circus signing off.