Thursday, June 07, 2012

Writing and more!

Yes it has been an age since I last posted but a MILLION and one things have happened in this time, none of which will form the basis of my post. Instead this will: I recently spent several weeks overseas reviewing education in local schools in Abu Dhabi as part of work for Tribal Education. I was one of a team of individuals who was monitoring progress made by operators out there towards KPIs. The work we were monitoring was part of a 10 year project that the government had initiated to improve education in Abu Dhabi to world class level. I enjoy it each time I go for many reasons: it is fascinating work and rewarding to see the change over time, and of course the warm weather doesn't hurt.

I also recently worked for Pearson Education writing some web material for an A level text linked to their new York Notes which I will tell you about in due course along with another two projects linked to them and another publisher which are in the pipeline.